Monday, January 21, 2013

Be Careful with my heart: Maya-inspired makeup

Last Christmas vacation, I was able to spend time with family at home. One common thing I noticed was that, TV was turn on all day. And Maya and Sir Chief captured my attention. :) Nakakakilg na teleserye. Nakakakilig si Maya. My mom had a question though, "Totoo kaya yan Bi sa panahon ngayon, papag-aralin ka ng boss mo?" I answered, "oo naman",saying it with full conviction. It truly happens in reality. I've witnessed it happened and I can gladly say it is. But very rare. Nevertheless, I'm inspired by Maya's make-up. Hence, this look.

Saturday, January 12, 2013


K-Pop Night <3
Inside my make-up kit, it is the eye liner that I can't live without! hahaha I can't imagine going out of the house without my eyeliner! At times that I'm rushing it's enough that I have my eye liner on. :D

EYELINER: Revlon Black Eye Pen
EYEBROWS PEN: EB Kleopatra Black